Xinhua/Li Yibo) The aircraft mak

ment, under privileged residents in remote a

reas or regions inhabited by minority nationalities will mainly benefit from the arrangement. The personnel will train about 2,300 people every year and assist in the application of new technologies, so that farmers could increase their incomes and be lifted out of poverty, according to the ministry. About 100 scientific and technological parks will be set up in poor areas to the poverty relief effort, the ministry said. It added entities in the eastern part of the nation, which is more developed, including institutes of higher education, scientific research units, and science and technology parks in a

griculture, will be encouraged t


o cooperate with counterparts in the west on precision p

overty relief. Xu Nanping, vice minister of science and technology, said the move aimed to mobilize the science and technology field to play its part in the fight to eliminate poverty. As the spread of COVID-19 is posing an especially severe challenge to the Middle East, Chinese experts are fighting alongside their Middle Eastern counterparts, and China's sharing of experience and donation of supplies have been boosting confidence and capability for the region in the fight against coronavirus. CAIRO, Ma

rch 29 -- The spread of COVID-19


  • is now posing an especially sev

    ere challenge to the Middle East, where chronic wars

    , sanctions, famine, financial collapse and political unrest have wrecked the preventive efforts a

  • gainst the ferocious virus. Tens o

    f thousands of coronavirus cases have been registere

    d in the region so far, with the figure in Iran alone exceeding 35,000. Cases were also reported i

  • n Syria and Libya, where wars are

    still raging and vast multitudes of displaced people

    are acutely vulnerable to diseases. At such a critical moment, some Chinese medics are fighting a

  • longside their Middle Eastern co

    unterparts, and China's sharing of experience and do

    nation of supplies have been boosting confidence and capability for the region in the fight agains

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